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Editorial Policy

Sydowia publishes reports of original research relevant to fungal taxonomy, systematics, evolution, structure, development, ecology, pathology (plants, animals, humans), and biotechnological applications. Reviews are published in areas of particular interest and current importance, but authors should consult the Editor before submitting a review manuscript. One volume of the journal, comprising two issues, is published each year. The official journal language is English. Submission of a manuscript to the Executive Editor implies that the results have not been previously published or simultaneously submitted to any other scientific journal, except as an abstract. When the authors are in doubt as to the suitability of their papers for Sydowia, the Editor of the journal should be consulted before submission of the manuscript.

All authors of a manuscript must have agreed to its submission and are responsible for its content. An author is one who has substantially contributed to the overall design and execution of the experiments. Individuals who supplied materials or critiqued the paper may be recognised in the acknowledgement section.

Ethics: manuscripts reporting any experimental work with humans or animals should include a statement that the work has been approved by the responsible Ethical Committee of the institution.

Guidelines for self-archiving of manuscripts in Sydowia

Authors are allowed to archive a preprint version and the accepted version of their manuscript themselves as follows.

1. Before acceptance for printing, the authors are allowed to make a preprint available prior to international peer review: on his/her own, self-maintained website; on a legally compliant preprint server, e.g. bioRxiv. Once published, the author(s) should provide a link to the final version on the Sydowia website: "This is a preprint of an article published in Sydowia. The final version is available online at: http://sydowia.at/".

2. An Author's Accepted Manuscript can be made available after reviewing, but before editing and type-setting as follows:
a. On the personal, self-maintained website of the authors,
b. One year after the initial publication (embargo period) on the employer's internal website, in his/her institutional repository and/or in the repository of his/her sponsor. It should include the following, along with a link to the published version on the publisher's website: "This is a post-peer-reviewed, pre-copy-edited version of an article published in Sydowia. The final version is available online at: http://sydowia.at/".

Open Access

When the manuscript is published open access, the final published version can be archived in institutional or funder repositories and made immediately available to the public.

DOI Number

Note on the visibility of publications with a linked DOI number. If you want to use the DOI to go directly to the link stored in the DOI database, you have to convert the DOI number into a link. You have to add "https://doi.org/" in front of the DOI number and then enter it in a browser (not in a general search, as you will only get the results of the respective search engine). If you enter https://doi.org/10.12905/0380.sydowia73-2020-0133 in a browser, for example, you will get directly to the pdf. So "https://doi.org/" must always be added. The DOI is a unique identifier, but of course it only works with the corresponding link.