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Sydowia 68

Issued September 30th 2016

Edited by Irmgard Krisai-Greilhuber.

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Table of Contents - Sydowia 68

Pileolaria azerii (Uredinales), a new rust species from Turkey
  Elsad Hüseyin & Faruk Selçuk
Degradation of endosulfan by strains of Auricularia fuscosuccine
  Alfredo Francisco Yanez-Montalvo1, José Ernesto Sánchez, Rafael Vazquez-Duhalt, Leopoldo Cruz-Lopez, María de los Angeles Calixto-Romo
Neokalmusia didymospora (Didymosphaeriaceae), a new species from bamboo
  Dong-Qin Dai, Ali H. Bahkali, Hiran A. Ariyawansa, Wen-Jing Li, D. Jayarama Bhat & Kevin D. Hyde
A new species of Pseudocercosporella on Andrographis paniculata from Central India
  Neha Awasthi, Raghvendra Singh & Shambhu Kumar
Yield and enzyme activity of different strains of almond mushroom in two cultivation systems
  Maira Andrade Carvalho Sousa, Diego Cunha Zied2, Simone Cristina Marques, Danny Lee Rinker, Glen Alm & Eustáquio Souza Dias
Morphological and molecular evidence for a new species of Leucoagaricus from China
  Fei Yu1, Jun-Feng Liang, Zai-Wei Ge & Yang-Kun Li
A new record of Dinemasporium spinificis, comb. nov., (= Stauronema spinificis) from Taiwan
  Yu Hung Yeh & Roland Kirschner
Dictyoceratosporella, gen. nov., with the description of two new species collected from Hainan, China
  Ying-Rui Ma, Ji-Wen Xia, Jian-Mei Gao, Zhuang Li & Xiu-Guo Zhang
Russula omnileuca, a new species from Pernambuco, Brazil
  Mariana Cavalcante e Almeida Sá, & Felipe Wartchow
Mediterranean fungus Gymnopilus suberis discovered in Central Europe – a consequence of global warming?
  Jan Holec, Martin Kríž, Miroslav Kolarík & Michal Žák
Lopadostoma taeniosporum revisited and a new species of Coniochaeta
  Gernot Friebes, Walter M. Jaklitsch, Susana García, Hermann Voglmayr
Marasmius lubricus, a new species of Marasmius sect. Globulares from Paraná, Brazil
  Jadson José Souza de Oliveira & Vagner Gularte Cortez
Sclerogaster araripensis, a new hypogeous fungus from the upland wet forest enclaves of northeast Brazil
  Marcelo A. Sulzbacher, Julieth O. Sousa, Vagner G. Cortez, Admir J. Giachini & Iuri G. Baseia
Sporidesmiella guangdongensis and S. jiangxiensis spp. nov. on dead branches from southern China
  Jian Ma
Endophytic Fusarium isolates from Aegle marmelos in Western Ghats of India and their fibrinolytic ability
  Vineet Meshram, Neha Kapoor & Sanjai Saxena
First report of Cyphellophora fusarioides (Chaetothyriales) on a plant host
  Leila Ebrahimi & Khalil-Berdi Fotouhifar
Fungal communities associated with Eugenia uruguayensis (Myrtaceae) leaf litter in early stages of decomposition in Uruguay
  César X. García-Laviña, Lina Bettucci & Susana Tiscornia
Microbial promoters of mycelial growth, fruiting and production of Pleurotus ostreatus
  Eduardo Torres-Ruiz, José E. Sánchez, Griselda K. Guillén-Navarro, Dory G. Ramos-Pérez, Daniel J. Royse
Morphological and molecular identification of pathogenic Fusarium spp. on strawberry in Iran
  Najmeh Ayoubi & Mohammad Javad Soleimani
Species of Peziza s. str. on water-soaked wood with special reference to a new species, P. nordica, from central Norway
  Donald H. Pfister, Katherine F. LoBuglio & Roy Kristiansen
Lepiota bengalensis, a new species of Lepiota section Lilaceae from Bangladesh
  Md. Iqbal Hosen, Tai-Hui Li, Zai-Wei Ge & Else C. Vellinga
Fungal Systematics and Evolution: FUSE 2
  Margarita Hernández-Restrepo, René K. Schumacher, Michael J. Wingfield, Ishtiaq Ahmad, Lei Cai, Tuan A. Duong, Jacqueline Edwards, Josepa Gené, Johannes Z. Groenewald, Sana Jabeen, Abdul Nasir, Khalid, Lorenzo Lombard, Hugo Madrid, Yasmina Marin-Felix, Seonju Marincowitz, Andrew N. Miller, Kunhiraman C. Rajeshkumar, Abdul Rashid, Samina Sarwar, Alberto M. Stchigel, Paul W.J. Taylor, Nan Zhou & Pedro W. Crous (2016)

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